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High quality, exclusive glass bulk goods, glass balls, coloured glass balls, glass lumps, ball spirals, coloured glass lumps, stainless steel wind chimes, glass nuggets, flat glass nuggets, acrylic stones, products for filling gabions, clear and coloured crystal glass balls, garden glass, glass chips, glass pebbles, glass additives, products for manufacturing glass terrazzo floorings and open-cell or closed-cell pathways in outdoor area!

We constantly develop highly interesting, fascinating new products for sophisticated project planners, which are specialising in the design of open areas, garden design and landscaping, craftsmanship, retail and wholesale, marketing and event-planning, parlour game publishing and for authorities.

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DECO STONES professional competence in glass balls, glass spheres

We store DECO STONES glass balls as a cheap commodity, so-called machine-made glass balls and in handmade quality.The inexpensive, colored glass balls, also called glass marbles, made of real stained glass, are very useful as exceptional bulk at trade fairs and in the garden and landscaping. The glass ball, as a standard - glass ball or crystal ball, an extraordinarily impressive design element in the exterior and interior.
DECO STONES competence in glass beads.

DECO STONES professional competence in glass rocks, glass stones

DECO STONES glass rocks are produced of genuine, weather-resistant glass. The glass rocks are transparent and because of their excellent light refraction they are perfect to fill gabions also in combination with lighting fixtures. We carry coloured glass rocks in cobalt blue, crystal rocks-clear, turquoise, glass stones in green and black. The glass rocks can also be supplied with well rounded edges if the order volume is over 24 tons.
Glass rocks might be known by different names like glass stones, coloured glass stones, large pebbles for garden, crystal rocks or decorative glass stones. The most used glass rocks are the turquoise coloured ones.
These effective glass stones result in a high proportion of the production of flat glass manufacturers.
The natural iron content within the raw materials is responsible for the turquoise-bluish tint.
By the way, turquoise coloured decorative glass stones are not produced from real coloured glass but from clear glass.

DECO STONES professional competence in terrazzo glass beads

DECO STONES terrazzo glass beads are new products for the production of exclusive, long-lived glass terrazzo floor coverings. These floor coatings, also called glass carpets meet the highest optical and functional claims. Glass terrazzo are real colored glass products with solid-colored glass grains which are stored in nine colors and three glass grain sizes.
Glass grains of colored glass, as so-called glass terrazzo grains are an innovative product released by DECO STONES import & export, terrazzo grain sizes wholesale.

DECO STONES professional competence in garden glass and glass gravel

Glass gravel, also called garden glass, garden glass mulch, products for gardens of glass, crushed glass, or recycled coloured glass is a new fascinating decoration element for gardens and landscaping.
This garden glass made from recycled colour glass is resistant to weather and can be used for exclusive floor coverings indoors and outdoors, as well.
You might fix the glass gravel using epoxy- or polyurethan resin if necessary.
Mixed with approx. 5-10% of resin, according to resinous quality, the glass gravel or crushed glass provides a steady, water-permeable layer.
Deco Stones company is a reliable supplier of all kinds of glass products for gardens or glass gravel for floor coverings. Rasterplatte

For large surfaces or garden paths, we favor the fixation of the glass grains by grid plates. The grid plates are very easy to install, the grids themselves are not visible upon completion. The result is highly pressure-resistant coverings, which are accessible by wheelchair and cyclists without sinking. Versions with a compressive strength up to 300 to/m2 are easily realizable. 

DECO STONES - competence in glass, for gardens, landscaping, trade fairs, craft, art works and home decoration.

  • always reliable


DECO STONES Glasgranulat clear or Glasgranulat coloured. A highlight for interior designers, artists, window decorators, decorators, designers, booth constructors.

Available glass granules grain sizes: 1-2 mm, 2-4 mm, 4-10 mm, 10-20 mm and 20-40 mm


Glass nuggets, also referred to as glass pebbles, are an impressive material for event decorations or used for designing decorative indoor and outdoor areas. Glass nuggets have fascinating refractive characteristics. They are weatherproof and colour stable for a long time when constantly being exposed to the elements.

Available Glass nuggets, Glass pebbles sizes directly from DECO STONES warehouse:
13-15 mm, 17-20 mm, 28-30 mm, 43-45 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm


DECO STONES crystal glass balls, also referred to as crystal balls, are available in an impressive and convincing range at highly attractive prices. Available in many sizes, whether clear or coloured, our perfectly shaped crystal glass balls hardly leave anything to be desired and will inspire you too.

Available crystal glass balls sizes:
16 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm and 200-400 mm.


Effect glass balls of DECO STONES - effective glass ball effects such as splittered or crushed effect are particularly attractive design elements in glass ball - production and will delight your customers.

The effect glass balls that we as direct importer can provide cheap in sizes from 35 to 200 millimeters can be used very diverse.


DECO STONES crystal cubes and glass diamonds satisfy most demanding customer requirements regarding to quality glass and surface properties.
By simple processing such as lasers, etching, sandblasting or gluing, you can react flexibly to customers' highest standards.

To have the fascinating sparkling look of diamonds, you do not necessarily need to take up real flawless diamonds,
 because the glass diamonds are an authentic-looking alternative that can mainly be used for decorative purposes.

Available sizes of glass diamonds: 20 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm


DECO STONES crystal cubes and glass diamonds satisfy most demanding customer requirements regarding to quality glass and surface properties.
By simple processing such as lasers, etching, sandblasting or gluing, you can react flexibly to customers' highest standards.

The modern clear crystal cubes deliver exceptional and beautiful light refraction and reflect excellent other decorative objects such as bouquets, posh clothing or fine jewelry.

Available sizes: 80 x 80 x 80 mm, 100 x 100 x 100 mm and 140 x 140 x 140 mm


Acrylic stones and acrylic raindrops are a top-quality, brilliant and shiny decoration material that shouldn't be missing in any handicraft shop. Glittering acrylic stones and acrylic raindrops are indispensable little helpers for making gifts or decorating tables.

Acrylic stones are available in two sizes: small (approx. 23 x 14 mm) and big (approx. 10 x 14 mm)

Acrylic raindrops are available in approx. 5 mm.


DECO STONES ball spirals are made exclusively of high-quality stainless steel. Ball spirals are a popular indoor and outdoor decoration element. The ball spiral's rotation, for instance caused by wind, has an amazing and impressive effect.

Available Ball spiral tail sizes and lengths: 40 - approx.28cm long, type 50-approx. 32cm long, type 60-approx. 35cm long, type 70 - approx. 44cm long, type 80; approx. 50cm long, type 100 -approx. 56cm long.



DECO STONES stainless steel wind chimes are exclusively manufactured of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, stainless steel wind chimes are extremely long-lasting and fascinating garden or indoor accessories. The surface finish has a finely polished look. Wind chimes of stainless steel are popular decoration items for both indoor and outdoor areas, nowadays primarily being distributed to market traders. Do you expect highest quality? Then, our stainless steel wind chimes are exactly the right products for you.


The website lists you our current stock of cost-effective, hand-crafted garden stakes, which should be of particular interest for our market traders. These lovely DECO STONES garden stakes made of glass and metal are new innovative products. Our garden stakes guarantee you a unique market position and above-average trading margins.


DECO STONES glass balls are available both as low cost bulk good, the so-called machine-made glass balls, and in a handmade high-quality design. Inexpensive coloured glass balls, also referred to as glass marbles, from real coloured glass are an excellent bulk material in booth construction, garden design and landscaping.

DECO STONES - competence in glass balls, garden balls, glass marbles, garden glass balls

Available Glass ball and glass marbles sizes from DECO STONES warehouse: 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm.


DECO STONES glass pebbles are novel products, which, amongst other things, are used to manufacture exclusive and long-lasting glass terrazzo floorings. These floor coatings fulfil the highest optical and functional requirements. glass pebbles are real coloured glass products with completely dyed glass grains and are available from stock in nine colours and three grain sizes. Glass grains from coloured glass, also referred to as glass terrazzo grains, are innovative, new products from DECO STONES import & export, terrazzo grains - wholesale.

Available glass terrazzo grain sizes: 1,5-3 mm, 3-6 mm, 8-10 mm


DECO STONES glass stones or glass lumps are made of real, weatherproof, coloured glass. Our glass stones are transparent and have an excellent light refraction, which makes them ideal for filling gabions or using them, combined with lights, as illuminated solitaire decorations. We offer coloured glass stones in cobalt blue, crystal clear, turquoise, green and black. All but the turquoise glass stones are delivered with rounded edges.

Available Glass rocks grain sizes: approx. 40-80 mm, approx. 60-100 mm, approx. 80-120 mm, approx. 200-400 mm and up to about 600 mm.



DECO STONES garden glass or glass chips from real, weatherproof, coloured glass. A new, fascinating design element for garden design, landscaping and exclusive floorings.

Available Garden Glass grain sizes: approx. 2,5-5 mm, approx. 5-10 mm and approx. 10-20 mm


DECO STONES decorative glass stones, also referred to as glass stones, are smaller glass stones from real, weatherproof, coloured glass with a diameter of up to 40mm. These high-quality materials are difficult to obtain and not permanently in stock. Larger quantities may need to be imported on order. Please enquire the current stock by telephone at 0049 (0) 5302-930320, Mrs. or Mr. Schaefer.


References with glass stones
References with glass stones

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