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Crystal glass blocks blank made of 3d-glass in a size of 50x80x45mm available in stock

Crystal glass block
Crystal glass block for lasing, sandblasting, etching or bonding

A DECO STONES crystal glass block is made from high-quality, optically pure crystal glass. Grinding and polishing creates a surface quality that meets the highest demands. The edges of this crystal glass block is bevelled to avoid a possible cracking off. We consider the advertising and decoration industry and particularly the presentation of goods and manufacture of cups to be interesting fields of application for these noble products. By lasing, sandblasting, etching or bonding a crystal glass block may easily be adapted to intended purposes.

Buy a high-quality crystal glass block at a reasonable price directly from the importer. Currently a crystal glass block is available in the size 50x80x45mm ex stock.

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DECO STONES Import/Export, the specialist for Crystal glass blocks in size of 50x80x45mm for decoration of high quality standards.

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