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As a specialist for glass pebbles 60mm or glass nuggets we offer professional buyers an extensive range of exclusive bulk goods and non-selective articles.

Glass pebbles 60mm, also referred to as glass nuggets are machine-made, flat glass beads in various colours. The curved, polished surface of glass pebbles 60mm causes fascinating light refractions. Incident light makes our glass pebbles 60mm sparkle and shine, they are thus best suited for applications with light.

By filling large areas with glass pebbles 60mm for events or booth design, our glass shows its full potential and magic effects, which has fascinated mankind at all times.

Guest and audiences will be attracted by these exquisite, high-quality products, which convey a positive impression of your campaign.

Our selection of glass pebbles will certainly meet your demands on colour variety, no matter how demanding the client might be. You will find extraordinary colours only in sizes less than 45mm. This glass pebble size is available in clear, orange and cobalt blue, only.

Are you looking for other bulk glass materials for different indoor and outdoor applications? No problem.

Here you will find further extravagant DECO STONES glass products made from real, coloured glass, so-called stained glass, which are suitable for spatial and interior design and meet the highest demands.

  • Glass pebbles rounded grain in sizes of 1.5-3mm, 3-6mm, 8-10mm - for manufacturing glass terrazzo floorings, home decoration, booth design and many further applications
  • Garden glass - an extraordinary product for innovative garden- and landscaping design.

The company DECO STONES is a professional import, export and wholesale trader for indoor and outdoor decoration materials. We are able to deliver glass pebbles, which go far beyond the usual handicraft supplies, in various colours and large quantities ex stock.

Our glass pebbles or glass nuggets are available also in sizes of 17-20mm, 28-30mm and 45-50mm - a huge choice and appealing prices.

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DECO STONES Import/Export, the specialist for Glass pebbles in sizes 13-15mm, 17-20mm, 28-30mm, 43-45mm, 40mm, 50mm or 60mm for all kind decoration.

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