Garden glass-Barefoot path project 14

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Project-14: Barefoot path - sensory path with Deco Stones Garden Glass

Project 14: Barefoot parc in 72280 Dornstetten, Germany
Barefoot sensory paths in Germany
barefoot paths in adventure parks and at events
The special, healthy leisure activity with garden glass
Experience glass playfully, even with the feet.

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Products used:

  • Glaskies cobal blue, grain size: 5-10mm
  • Glaskies dark green, grain size: 5-10mm
  • Glaskies-mixture cobalt blue, dark green, white-transparent, grain size: 5-10mm
  • Glaskies azure, grain size: 5-10mm

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Thank you very much, at this point, Mr. Dr.Lorenz Kerscher, who presented the photos for this gallery.

Dr. Kerscher gives useful information on the website,
about planning and using barefoot parks and maintains a link collection of the most beautiful barefoot parks in Europe and the other countries.

His aims:

  • represent the relationship between active operation of the feet and healthy
    Human development
  • suggest leisure activities for healthy and nature-loving barefoot running
  • collect suggestions and information for initiators and planners of Barefoot parks
    and make them available

Dr. Lorenz Kerscher
Paul-Loebe-Str. 21
82377 Penzberg